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    Angry Car Dealership Misrepresentation

    I bought a car from a dealership in Wisconsin this past July. I went to the dealership to look at their 2004 Malibu's they had advertised on their web site. I like the car i test drove so i bought it. Recently, I went to trade it in for a Toyota and i found out that i did not buy a Malibu.

    The sales contract and warrany say that i own and bought a 2004 Chevrolet Malibu. One paper says the malibu is a classic body style. The dealership i tried to trade my vehicle to said the car is not a Malibu, it is a Chevrolet Classic. These two vehicle are two very different vehicles even though the 2004 classic looks like a 2003 malibu. The main difference is that the 2004 malibu (what my sales contract says i bought) trades in alot higher than the 2004 classic (which is what i went home with). The dealership i bought it from is telling me their is no difference and that they did not misrepresent the vehicle.
    I contacted Chevrolet myself and they say they are two different vehicles. I did not see the title to the vehicle until it came in the mail a month later. The title says classic but the sales contract says Malibu. Both have the same VIN. Until recently i really believed that i drove a Malibu. Is this my fault for not catching the error and is there nothing i can do about it? It has only been six months to the day. I wouldn't have had a problem with it if i never wanted to trade it in. The differences in the trade in from the classic to the Malibu is too far apart and i do not have the cash to pay the difference on my loan if I traded in my Classic.
    Every lawyer i have spoke to so far has told me this car dealership is very difficult to deal with. Opinions?

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    Default Re: Car Dealership Misrepresentation

    There's a reason the 2004 "Classic" trades lower than the 2004 Malibu. The Malibu was redesigned in 2004. The "Classic" is the 2003 model, produced an additional year primarily for sale as a fleet car (e.g., for sale to rental car agencies). There's no significant difference between the 2004 "Classic" and a 2003 Malibu, but there's a big difference between it and the redesigned 2004 Malibu.

    It looks from Edmunds like the difference in the trade-in is about $400 - $700 or so, depending on miles and options. Get evidence together of the difference in value then sue in small claims court.

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