My question involves workers compensation law for the state of: Texas

I began my job as a chemical inspector in the middle of last year based on the fact that I had about 8 months of prior experience as an inspector/helper, and began training with other inspectors. This was the only form of training offered to me during my employment.

I had three separate chemical accidents (Benzene) that I honestly have not suffered many ill affects from, but I was not offered medical attention, and was told I was "fine" on three separate occasions, as well as encouraged not to report some of the product getting on my skin (after I had to put up with 10 hours of the product being in my boot).. I have witnesses and phone records of when these were. The last time it happened I researched the chemical myself and I should have definatley had medical attention to determine the severity of exposure (and each prior time I should have as well). All three times the product got on me from a mixture of inadequate training and equipment supplied.

I got sick shortly after that happened and was out of work for around a week. During this time the safety manager and operations supervisor sat me down to "fill in" a safety training packet that was backdated to the date that was 3 months after I started. I asked them how I could sign for the information I have never seen (they did not even offer me the information, I had to ask for it twice and have proof of this as well), and they said I could because they knew I already knew everything. I initialed the document (but never dated it), and videod it and the answer key that was handed me to cheat with. A few days later I resigned (I did an informal report to osha, they covered everything of course) based on the fact that I can not work for people this irresponsible (and I had some support to return to school).

I need to ensure that if anything comes of the exposures that I have medical coverage in the future. I have no clue what to do or what I can do (I have been gone from this job for about 6 months and am being pressed by my family to do something about it). Can I get any advice?