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    Default How to Find Out How Many Points Are On My Driving Record

    My question involves a traffic ticket from the state of: MD
    I was speeding 78 on a 55mph in MD, just overtaken a UPS van and was still in left lane when caught. I almost forgot about the ticket and hv to do something about it within 2 days (30 day period). I want to know if I get any points for this ticket, the officer didnt mention it . i can pay the 160 $ fine but want to avoid points. If i do have points then how do i get rid of them and approximately how by much does this affect my insurance? will a hv to pay alot more for insurance?

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    Default Re: How to Find Out How Many Points Are On My Driving Record

    20 to 29 miles over the limit is two points on your driving record.

    See Page 46:

    Your record is available to your insurance company for 3 years according to the MD DMV:

    That page and this next page has more information about the point system.

    You cannot avoid the points.

    But if two points are the only two points on your driving record, they aren't likely to do you any harm.

    In fact, insurance company generally don't surcharge for citations, just for at-fault accidents. What tends to happen is insurance companies increase rate across the board so your premiums go up. Then, if you try to find more competitive rates, that's when the tickets work against you because you are no longer eligible for the discounted rates you had previously. That's why everybody who gets tickets thinks that their rates go up because of the tickets. And they do, indirectly, even though your current policy might not be surcharged.

    That being said, some companies do surcharge for tickets. Your agent might know if yours does.

    The only way you get rid of points on your record is wait for the 3 years for them to drop off. While you are waiting, learn how to use your cruise control, set it at the speed limit and obey all traffic laws. The time to worry about points is before you get the ticket. It's way too late to whine about them after you get nailed for enjoying the exhilaration of high speed driving.

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