I was injuried on the job .Had 1 operations in 2004 to repair damage to my right shoulder after 5 months of phyical theraphy.In the mean time I find out that there is more damage to my lower arm that my dr. does not want to address,even after the therapist told him about it.So I go and get another dr's opinion and have another surgery that same year.Now thats 2 operations.While I am recovering for months My employer send me termination papers,They know that I am have 2 more operations. 1 of them is for scare tissue removal from the second operation on the lower arm and the other from my shoulder not getting any better from the first surgery.So I go and get another dr and have my 4th surgery on my shoulder to repair damage from the 1st surgery.IE: anchors, tendon damage from not healing after 1 year and more scare tissue.I've been thought the ringer and my lawyer has no real advice for me so far and he'll call me in 4 weeks like always.Am I waiting too long to get the ball rolling for any kind of a case as mentioned in my subject heading.