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    Default Unnecessary surgery performed for a wrist injury

    On 2-02-2005, I had a accidental fall from a ladder, which resulted in my left wrist being broken, and my clavical dislocated from the sternum. I went to a clinic to have it reviewed and they decided that it would require a orthopedic to re-align the bones. Still in pain, I went to the emergency room at a local hospital, where I was met by a orthopedic doctor. He claimed he could fix it using pins, but it would require outpatient surgery. He put me in a sling and sent me home to return early next morning. I had surgery the next day, and when I recovered, I was being released. On Friday, February 4th, 2005, I went back in to see this doctor at his office. He had 2 X-Rays taken of my wrist, and upon looking at them, I saw approximately 11 screws sticking through my wrist from the top to the bottom. Considering that I had significant swelling in my wrist, I still thought that the screws were sticking too far out of the bone to be safe. I asked the doctor when the screws were to come out and was told that they are permanent. I asked him why he used screws, and his reply was that, because I am an active individual, he thought that I would appreciate this method versus a cast. I informed him that I had a lot of pain on the bottom of my hand, where the wrist and hand meet. I also told him that the middle finger of my left hand was numb on one side, and that my clavical had broken free of the sternum and would not allow me to lift my arm. He claims that I should give it 6-8 weeks, but heres a new prescription of oxycodone and oxycontin. (I hate pain killers, but I hate pain even more.) I asked him why he chose to go through the wrist from the top, and he claims that because I have 3rd degree skin graft scars on the bottom of my arm all the way to the hand, that he was not sure he could go through that way. Whatever happened to checking with a dermitologist?
    Well, here it is, 5 months + later, and here is whats resulted. I can use the hand to an extent. I can't turn my hand over which is necessary for some of my daily activities. My clavical found a new spot to live, not seated in its socket, but right next to it on my sternum. I still have lots of sharp pains in the bottom of my wrist, and my middle finger is still numb on one side. I have researched some on the internet and found that most of your hands nerves travel to the hand on the bottom side at the location that some of the screws protrude through the bone at. It is true that I am not a doctor, but I don't think that the procedures he used were at all necessary. I have no insurance, thats the way it goes when your self employed sometimes. Not only do I have to pay him for his bill, the anesthesiologists bill, the hospitals bill, and so on, etc..., but I've now got to come up with money to go have these screws removed and since I don't believe that he set the bones back correctly, I am hoping no permanent damages occur between now and time I can afford to do this. Have I got a case? Would it help you to know that this same doctor worked on this same hand back in 1993 after a hairline fracture was discovered stemming from a motorcycle accident. At that time, this doctor told me since I did not have insurance, that I could personally give him $300.00 and he would call it even. My wife handled finances back then, but she and I have been separated for four years now. Neither one of us has kept up with records since then, but I spoke with her recently and she is certain that that bill was paid. Not sure if that was relevant, but this doctor did not do his job correctly as far as I can tell. I think he likes making bigger surgeries out of minor accidents in order to inflate his bill. This is an island located just above Savannah, GA where alot of your wealthier retirees come to retire, therefore, lots of money in his field. My only interrest here is getting back to normal. Please advise me! Thanks.... James

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    Default Wrist Surgery Didn't Work Out - Malpractice?

    A bad or suboptimal recovery from an injury and surgery is not, of itself, proof of malpractice. In order to establish a malpractice case, you would need a medical expert who is willing to testify that the care you received was beneath the standard of care expected from your doctor at the time of the procedure, and that as a result of the substandard care you suffered injury. It is possible that you would have the same present symptoms even if you had been treated in a different manner - it would take a full review of your medical records and history to really assess your case.

    You would be well-advised to have your case reviewed by a medical malpractice lawyer in South Carolina. A lawyer can have your records and condition reviewed by a medical expert, who can give a pretty good assessment of whether you have a case, what your damages might be, and possibly even a course of treatment which will ameliorate your condition.

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