My question involves an injury that occurred in the state of: Georgia.

If I were hypothetically...... being sued for what currently stands ~30k medical bills in a personal injury accident case. Policy limit was 50k. Still in the discovery period, but plaintiff has placed a demand for policy limits, as surgery "will likely be needed" according to neurosurgeon. Plaintiff stated previous history of degenerative disc disease at scene of accident to defendant, but no discovery answers or medical histories have been provided yet. Information provided in demand leads to believe that, at minimum, parts of the injuries requiring surgery were existent before accident. My defense attorney (insurance-provided) has not been communicative and very slow on the case to date. Have spoken with my company's examiner who stated that they would likely meet the demand of the policy limit, though she was unsure at that point. Demand was postmarked three weeks ago, letter was dated three weeks plus a few days, and is only now being "received" by insurance office -- state limit is 30 days, plaintiff's attorney is "demanding" even quicker response.

Should I retain an additional attorney prior to the insurance-provided attorney making a decision on meeting the demand or not? The plaintiff has an uninsured motorist policy and will likely be pursuing that for additional medical claims, therefore leaving me open to suit from this insurance company. I have already received (and we have responded) to cross-claim interrogatives from this company. My company's examiner suggested that I wait until receiving any additional suits from uninsured motorist policy insurance company, and then retain one of my company's "for-fee" attorneys.... I am insured through a large auto insurance company.

I have no assets besides a low-value car ~5-6k, ~5k in an unvested 401k; AGI ~29k last year (likely ~40k this yr), and have ~35k in student loans.