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    Default Giving Thirty Days Notice

    I live in CA & am on a month to month lease. When I moved in 3 years ago, I paid first and last month plus security.
    On June 16th I submitted my written 30 day notice to vacate the premises on July 17th.

    Technically, since June rent was paid in full, and July's rent was paid in full 3 years ago as last month's rent, but I am moving out on the 17th, in addition to my security deposit, shouldn't I also be entitled to get back the last 2 weeks rent of July? (from the 18th -31st)
    If my landlord has 3 weeks to pay security back how long do they have to get this rent back to me?
    What should I do if they refuse?

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    Default Last Month's Rent

    Does your rental agreement deem the payment as being for "last month's rent", or as "security for the last month's rent"? If it is the latter, it will probably be treated in the same manner as the rest of the security/damage deposit.

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