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    Default Can You Sue an At-Fault Driver for Car Rental Fees

    If somebody hits you at the back and it's their fault can you sue them for car rental fees. This is of course a situation where your existing insurance does not cover car rental. I present this because I have a cousin involved in a car crash who has no money to pay for car rental while his car gets fixed by the party that caused the accident.

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    Default Re: Can You Sue for Car Rental Fees

    Sure, your cousin can sue for car rental but it shouldn't be necessary.

    The other driver's insurance company should be paying for a car rental while your cousins car is in the shop.

    Some insurance companies have arrangements with car rental companies where the rental companies just bill the insurance company direct.

    Unfortunately, other insurance companies will only do a reimbursement so the claimant has to front the money and then submit a receipt.

    If your cousin is having his car repaired by his own insurance company he should talk to the adjuster from the other driver's insurance company about a rental.

    Keep in mind that he's only entitled to the pure cost of the rental, not all the "options" that car rental companies offer.

    If he has to sue for the money, it's going to take months to go through court and he will have had to front the money anyway. But if he doesn't rent a car because he has no money, then he has nothing to sue for.

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