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    Default Will Older Convictions Show Up on a BCI Live Scan Fingerprint Check

    My question involves criminal records for the state of: Ohio
    I am being considered for a position as a secretary at a hospital and I have 2 convictions on my record the 1st is grand theft /1990 Cleveland Ohio 1 year probation. I never finished probation and received food stamps for several years after and in 2000 I was taken back to court for same case and made to pay back 3799.00 They called it food stamp trafficking and I was given a felony 5 it looks as though I have committed 2 different crimes my question is will this show up on a fingerprint since its so long ago?

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    Default Re: How Far Back Can an Employer Go Back on a Bci Fingerprint Check

    Criminal records, unlike credit records, are for life. They don't fall away after x number of years.

    That being said, what will and will not show up on any given background check depends on the employer and what they ask for. There is not one standard check that always returns exactly the same information - they vary with the situation.

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    Default Re: How Far Back Can an Employer Go Back on a Bci Fingerprint Check

    While every background check is different, I can almost guarantee that these multiple felonies will almost certainly show up. Felonies in the same state as the background check is being run is almost an assured hit.

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