My question involves real estate located in the State of: Pennslvania.
Seven yrs. ago we allowed our new neighbors to put a partial fence a foot in on our property using our exsisting fence line which has been there for over 35 yrs. We have recently become at odds with our neighbors. He has told us he will take his fence off our property numerous times and assumes we are putting one up in its place. He has yet to remove his fence even though we have told him that we want his fence off our property. We have no intension of putting up a new fence on this portion of our property since we have no need of one, he is the one that needs the fence to pasture his horses. The wire that spans both his portion of the fence and our fence is his. Can we carefully remove the wire from our fence and take our portion of the fence down? We have previously caught he and his wife trying to steal rails out of our fence. This as well as other things have put us at odds. What must we do to force him to remove his fence from our property? What notification do we need to give him advising him if he does not remove his fence we will be removing it?