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    Default Falsely Accused of Theft by a Former Landlord

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: WA
    I moved into a house with a couple, a single man and my boyfriend in April 2015. I moved in without a bed and the couple (who we'll call "Alison & mark") said they were trying to get rid of marks old mattress and offered for my boyfriend and I to keep it. They said they didn't want to have to pay to have someone pick it up and take it to the dump.

    A little while after we moved in Alison and Mark told my boyfriend and I that they were raising the rent and now we have to pay a deposit. So we couldn't afford the rent anymore, as we both were getting new jobs and haven't started them yet. We moved to my boyfriend's mothers house, since our rent would be buying just food for everyone.

    Of course we took everything that was ours... Including the mattress. The next day Alison told me that we had no right to take the matress, it belongs to them. I told them they gave it to us and we had told her we were taking it while we were moving. So I told her to just come and get it because i had no more gas after making 3 trips to move my stuff, (plus I used my boyfriends mom's old van and it only had enough gas to go once so I had to make two trips on a small car & I borrowed cables from the "single man" that lived with us at that house) she agreed and said single man and Mark would pick it up later, then she said that they'll just wait until I have money to drive it up there... Then yet again, She changes the plans and now says that I STOLE the mattress and they're calling the police unless I bring it back. I told her once again I have absolutely 0 dollars (very pathetic) but that is the truth. Coincidently I have no family in this state to borrow money from and my boyfriends mom has no money which is why our rent is to buy food.
    So today they texted me "since you are unable to give me back my things I called the police and claimed it as stolen property, unless you can come up with a plan quickly to give back what you stole. We'll just have to let the professionals handle it"
    I have not one problem with giving them back what they GAVE to me. I'm just in a horrible situation. What can I do?

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    Default Re: Falsely Accused of Theft by a Former Landlord

    I suggest you do nothing, keep your mouth shut and stop talking to those people.

    If the police even contact you, just explain what you have explained here.

    It's very likely that the police will consider it a civil matter and close the books on it.

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    Default Re: Falsely Accused of Theft by a Former Landlord

    Ok thank you so much!

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