My question involves medical malpractice in the state of: Colorado

I have had previous bowel surgeries and had a surgery the end of july 2014 to remove all the scar adhesions. I explained this to the bariatric surgeon when i met with him and chose to have the sleeve because i didn't want anything to add more scar tissue to my bowels. he did the sleeve surgery 4/13/15 and sent me back to my room. i can't remember what happened for me to tank because i remember being happy and walking. something happened and early in the wee hours of the morning he did an emergency surgery and cut me open about 8" because he had cut my bowels during the first surgery and didn't know it. he did whatever to get as much bacteria out of my abdomen and inserted 2 christmas ornament size balls on each side of my body. the plastic was left deep in my bowels to remove all the remaining bacteria. the balls were left outside my body. they drained and the nurses stretched the tubes on the outside several times a day and emptied the balls. he also left a huge open wound in my abdomen that was stuffed with sponge and a vacuum attached to it to heal it from the inside out. I was in the ICU for 1 day. I was only supposed to be in the hospital 2 days and ended up in there for 8. I did have sepsis. I have anxiety because I don't know what i'm feeling is normal. I went to the ER today because of dizziness, passing out, shoulder arm pain. I've been trying to find a mal practice attorney in my area to get answers from whether I have a case or not. I can't find anyone. what i've learned is that these are difficult and expensive suits to litigate. I know I have 2 years to file. I know there are going to be further complications as time passes. I'm afraid i'm going to have to have more frequent surgeries for the added scar tissue from this surgery. I'm afraid my stomach is disfigured (like I have a butt). I don't know where to turn to for help. If anyone has had a similar experience in colorado or anywhere I would really appreciate your sharing. thanks for listening.