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    Default Fees After Automatic Renewal of a Subscription Service

    My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: California

    About year ago I got a membership subscription for a themepark ad you are charged monthly to go to the park infinite times. You had to be member for at minimum one year then after that cancel anytime. Months later I lost my wallet and canceled the card the that was being charged but I forgot about the auto billing and never setup a new payment. The park called me about the issue and I said I would par it but then I forgot about it again. Eventually I received a notification in the mail from a debt collector about the charge. My question is that has my membership been canceled or will I pay this one then periodically receive debt collections again and again forever because according to the themepark website it does not recognize my email and says that if my account was made before January 2015 I needed to make a new one. So am I locked perpetually into being a member and paying this collection then later paying another and another? (Seems a little ridiculous but just checking before I pay) Also, since the membership was one year minimum am I being billed only for the months since the debt collection notice was filled by the company or for the entire year plus what was owed on the account? If I am being billed for the entire year does that mean that if I pay the debt now my membership to the park will be still valid for the remainder of that one year timeframe? Or alternatively if they are debt collecting me for the amount owed plus the rest of year and my membership is no longer valid to the park can I contest the portion of the payment that covers the months I will not receive the service for? Thank you very much. Also, how significantly does something like this effect my credit score? The bill is a small amount just under $100 and I am young and have no previous credit history in less a debit card counts and I pretty sure it does not. Does amount owed matter? Thank you for the assistance.

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    Default Re: Collection of Fees After Automatic Renewal of a Subscription Service

    If you want to make sure that your membership is canceled, contact the company from which you purchased the membership and make sure that your membership is canceled. You should anticipate that you will continue to accrue and owe fees until you properly end your membership.

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