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    Question National driver register

    I recently found out that I was in the national driver registry while trying to transfer my Virginia drivers license to Georgia. The registry issue is related to a dui conviction I had in PA in 1990. According to the PennDOT employee with whom I spoke, Pennsylvania states that I was supposed to have turned in my out of state license for a three month suspension, but did not. I have no recollection of this request. The state requests that I send them a written note authorizing them to begin the revocation on my current Virginia license.

    Should I send PennDOT this authorization to suspend my VA license for three months? Why are they asking me instead of directly contacting Virginia? Should I request further documentation from PA regarding its allegation that I did not comply with the suspension request? Is there any way I can avoid suspension?

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    Default Re: National driver register

    Consider talking to a lawyer in Pennsylvania about whether you can get that state to lift the suspension. Otherwise, you're probably going to have to live with it.

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    I take it the issue is GA will not issue you a license but VA has not suspended the one you have. Either do the suspension or retain an attorney in PA to see if he can do anything. A lot of old stuff is popping up all over as the various states enter into the database.

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