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    Default Convicted of Driving Without Insurance Because I Couldn't Get the Insurance Card

    i was driving my gfs car back in 9-14-04 when i was stopped by a IL state trooper and given a ticket for insurance which i knew she had. we didn't have the new insurance card at that time. well came time for court and we broke up and she left and hates my guts. i called the insurance company to get id cards and stuff and they told me no they couldn't release that to me had to be her. i tried contacting her but to no success. i finally had to go to court for the jury trial which i tried to extend and states attorney told me no for some reason. i pleaded guilty and was given court supervison then about a month later i got a letter from sec of state stating i needed to get sr22 cause of a manatory insurance violation and they would suspened my lic if i didn't get it on the 29th of july 05. i just got the proof yesterday finally somehow and took it to the drivers branch and they told me i had to options to get sr22 or get the court case vacated. i went to the courthouse and they told me i didn't have that option. i called sec of state only to speak to a mean old lady named elanor that told me i had to have insurance also that hers wouldn't cover me. i called back and talked to a nicer lady and she told me different that if the motion to vacate wouldn;t be allowed i would have to get sr22. anyone know the statue of limitations on this kind of stuff. i pleaded guilty to it in april 05. i wanted to apply for police depts but can't due to this. can anyone fill me in as to what to do instead of sr22.

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    Default Petition to Vacate

    You have been told what you need to do - you need to bring a petition to vacate your conviction. Unfortunately, that's not the sort of thing where it's easy to draft your own legal forms. You would benefit from enlisting the assistance of a criminal defense lawyer.

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