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    Default Seeking a Visa After Having a Criminal Charge Dismissed

    My question involves criminal records for the state of: New York


    I was accidentally charged for shoplifting(value <$100) in NY state in 2011. I was arrested for a few hours and on the suggestion of public attorney - I pleaded guilty and the judge dismissed my case. I was advised, however, to not visit the United States for 6 months(just for precautionary reasons) from the date of dismissal. I complied to it and post the 6-mo period, I've successfully visited the country twice without facing any hassles.

    Later, I took advise with my criminal attorney and he mentioned: 1) your case was dismissed and you won't have any repercussions in future. Direct to me if you face any issues. 2) Since your case is dismissed, it would be safe to not acknowledge it on any visa paper.

    I want to know if this incident would affect my L2 application and what could I do to avoid any dismissals?

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    Default Re: Seeking a Visa After Having a Criminal Charge Dismissed

    You should only take advice on immigration effects of a criminal action from an immigration attorney.

    You must answer truthfully; you were arrested even if the charge was dismissed. Keep all paper work.

    By the way, people do not get "accidentally" charged; they obviously had a reason and evidence to do so.

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