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    Default Can Someone Be Extradited While on Bond for Pending Felony Charges

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Arizona
    I posted bail for my son who is being charged with several felonies in Arizona.
    While at one of his court dates he was arrested for a warrant from Washington
    for parole violation, do they have only 30days to extradite him or must they
    wait until his pending case is resolved and sentence served ?

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    Default Re: Can Someone Be Extradited While on Bond for Pending Felony Charges

    Washington can choose not to pursue extradition, and to take up the warrant at a later date (such as when he's near the end of his sentence on the new charges, assuming he get sentenced to a period of incarceration). Also, Arizona can stay extradition proceedings under A.R.S. Sec. 13-3859.01 until there is a disposition on the Arizona charges.

    If he's looking at time behind bars he should discuss with his lawyer whether and how he might get his sentences to run concurrently.

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