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    Default Is a Tenant Responsible for Damage from a Toaster Oven Supplied by the Landlord

    My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: Colorado
    My condo came furnished with toaster oven. My roommate started cooking a pizza in the toaster oven and after about 10 minutes we smelled smoke. The entire toaster oven caught fire and after we put it out the counter laminate beneath the toaster got burned. Who is responsible for the damages? The toaster oven obviously malfunctioned resulting in the damage. I would feel more responsible for the damage if it was my personal toaster oven but, it came furnished with the condo. The burn mark is about 10 inches by 8 inches. Also, all the appliances in our unit have been failing due to either being very cheap or over 20 years old. Who should be responsible seeing that a new counter could be quite expensive.

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    Default Re: Furnished Condo Come with Toaster Oven That Burned Counter

    There isn’t enough information here to determine who would be liable for this. That will depend on what your lease says about this sort of thing, what caused the fire, whether the landlord had any notice or knowledge that the oven might be bad, and whether your roommate had any knowledge that the oven might be bad, failed to properly monitor the oven while cooking, failed to promptly put out the fire, or otherwise misused the item in some matter. Do you have renter’s insurance to cover damages by fire or other accident? If you do, I suggest you notify the insurance company promptly.

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    Default Re: Is a Tenant Responsible for Damage from a Toaster Oven Supplied by the Landlord

    The most likely cause of the fire would be that the oven had not been cleaned on a regular basis resulting in a build-up of grease and food debris, with that built-up grease ultimately igniting. If an insurance claim is made, you should anticipate that the insurance company is going to want to have its expert examine the toaster oven to try to determine the cause of the fire. Similarly, if you try to argue that the fire was caused by a defect in the toaster oven, even if there is no insurance coverage you should anticipate that your landlord will want to examine the toaster oven or have it examined by a professional.

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