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    Default Re: Court Procedures for an Emergency Temporary Custody Order

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    Your unbelievable. You obviously read what you want to read and twist it. Its a pointless argument with a person like you and no reason at all to argue with such a person like you.
    I simply read what you wrote. Are we not meant to do that?

    All of what im saying isnt stuff i want to bring in court, everything im saying is me voicing the issues we've had and i guess my attempt to show what kind of person he is
    But all we're seeing is what kind of parent you are. He's not here.

    And why the co parenting doesnt work and how are childrens future isnt being taken into consideration when things that are inappropriate are not acknowledged or are purposely done out of anger for me, not him looking at the big picture and that would be my kids!!!!!
    What you think is inappropriate may not be the same as what Dad and/or the court finds appropriate. You don't get final say.

    Allowing Posing for pictures in bathsuits as a 10 year old and 8 yearold and doing inappropriate kiss faces AND posting them on a social media site for all the world to see including sick child molesters is ok??? Seriously?
    Oh darlin, do you think that child molesters only want to see bathing suits? Really? I guess I better take down the pictures of my grandkids wearing their swim suits then, right?

    And FYI ive got the accounts removed several times and they just create another. So your comments and rude ass attitude is uncalled for and to say my kids were better off with their father is beyond me. And to make that assumption based off of what? Bc im trying to explain in a way to show what type of person he is so maybe i cld get some advice on how to deal with it inside or outside court?

    No, it's because you're acting like you're hysterical and irrational.

    My venting and explaning shldnt be used againest me in a situation like this when all im trying to do is get help. Not be bashed and bullied and talked down upon as a mother especially.
    Then... what would you like us to say? Is it not a wee bit hypocritical to expect special attention because you're Mom?

    So hope you feel better about yourself, bc obviously it was stupid of me to seek answers and advice from a public forum where people go to release their stress and or feel the need to be a ass to people they dont know Bc you cant obviously think you know it all in my case or even in general.. Have a great day sir.
    I haven't been called Sir in a long time.

    Well, ever, actually.

    This is what you need to do:

    CALM THE HELL DOWN when you think Dad is "doing something" to anger you. If that's truly happening, simply ignoring him takes the power to do that... yes?

    Stop looking for little things to toss at Dad. No, the court doesn't care that he puts up his kids' pictures on Facebook. Incidentally, are you aware of how these photos can be made private, or viewable only by a specific list? In other words, they can be blocked? I'm still not sure why you think that's so bad, but okay. To each their own.

    Alas, I'm not MrKnowItAll. Sorry.

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    Default Re: Court Procedures for an Emergency Temporary Custody Order

    Sorry, MRS/MISS

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