I had petitioned for my married sister for immigration visa about 12+ years ago. So, now I am the petitioner for all three of them, sister, husband, and their son. We are almost in the final phase, they will get an interview any time.'

NVC sent a letter that says, some info on my i864 are missing and need to be revised and now it has to be sent directly to the relative for who I have petitioned. They said it is too late to send the revised i864 to NVC and that it should be sent to the relative directly so they can take it to the interview when they are called in (which my happen in this month)

I would like to keep my income listed in i864 and my Tax Return transcripts confidential from the relative. I would not want any relative to see my income and my tax-return. Can someone advise, what are my options to keep this confidential?? NVC letter says do not send anything to them because this can delay the case. Is there any option, where I can still send this to the consulate in the destination country or directly so I do not need to send this to the relative? How do I ensure such confidential information is not compromised and out of my hand. Even though, this is my relative, no one needs to know the details of my income and my tax-returns. Please, please advise what options I have.