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    Default Fraudulent Use of Promotional Codes and Multiple Accounts to Purchase Merchandise

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: New York

    I apologize if this isn't the right place to post this and if I haven't selected the correct topic. Not sure where to start as it's a somewhat complicated situation. Nothing legal has happened yet, but I'm worried something might happen. I just want to get some advice and see where I stand.

    So my friend received a special promo code to buy a certain digital item online (that is limited in quantity and generally in demand) for little or no cost. The thing is the promo code was intended for only those who work within my friend's company since they partnered with the company that offered the product, but he sent the info to me. There was also a limit to how many you could buy. Yet my friend and I ended up buying much more over the limit using multiple accounts. I presume this is against their terms and conditions. Was told by friend that none of this would be illegal or anything; and that if anything, the orders would just be cancelled. We weren't sure if any of the orders went through in the first place. None of the purchased items had been delivered at time of purchase (there is an option to be digitally delivered at a future date, but again, we weren't sure if orders went through and won't know until then).

    My friend got in trouble with his company, questioned, had to sign a statement about what happened, and has been fired. I assume the company who offered the products is afraid/angry that we might resell their products on a third party market (which often happens to these sorts of items) and is probably investigating further into this. We haven't received any products and haven't made any efforts to sell. Just hoping they cancel the orders at this point since I didn't really know what I got into, but I'm not sure if they are simply building a case against us at this point. As someone who is intending to enroll in professional school soon and has never gotten into any legal trouble before (not even any traffic tickets), this is worrying me a lot. I intend to never get involved in anything like this again and will remind myself to always do my own research beforehand. Right now, I am thinking of trying to ask them to cancel the orders before the items' use dates (if it doesn't happen automatically) so that they can sell them to someone else. Should I attempt to do that or should I not do anything at this point? I hope that someone here can provide me with any advice and/or suggestions on how to proceed. Thank you in advance.

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    Default Re: Fraudulent Use of Promotional Codes and Multiple Accounts to Purchase Merchandise

    It's difficult to know if the company might try to seek criminal charges, what those charges might be, and against whom they might be pursued without additional facts. The more money that is involved, and more so if this involves interstate commerce, the greater the potential of charges, particularly against your friend. If the orders remain pending you can look into cancelling them.

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