My question involves criminal law for the state of: Florida, 6 years ago I was in Florida visiting my sister and when I walked into an alley in Hollywood,fl a pickup truck pulled up and cops jumped out. They asked what I was doing I said I'm going to the bar this is my last day and I am leaving this rat hole tomorrow just bought my bus ticket. They asked when was the last time I used. I said I haven't, that's when they said I had drugs in my mouth and to spit them out so they started grabbing my throat and choking me. I said your choking me the best way I could and that I was leaving that's when they said not to day and cuffed me. They charged me with tampering with evidence, trespassing. I spent 40 days and went to court 4 times the fourth being drug court that's where ended up pleading guilty so I could go back to my home state. It was denied by the judge and he asked the state if I was drug tested or mouth swabbed for residue because the evidence the police said they had against me was 2 white substances in my mouth. Judge said that's as good as 2 tic tacs and ordered them to release me on pre-trial until they figured out what they the state wanted to do. Another reason the judge denied my guilty plea was because I never was arrested before. At the time I was 27 turning 28. I want to know how I can take care of this I don't have the money or the means to leave my family and go sit in jail for this. The state I'm in now received a letter from florida stating to stop all fugitive action against me in this matter unless I reenter Florida. Please help its destroying my life job wise but not my drivers license. Thank you for your time in this matter.