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    Default What Are Options if a Family Member Refuses to Cooperate in Sale of the Family Home

    My question involves estate proceedings in the state of: North Carolina

    My Step Mother recently died, she owned a single wide trailer that she had lived in with my Father ( my Father died over 10 years ago ). The Single Wide trailer is in a small park in NC. The trailer could be sold for a small amount of money.

    According to law, all of the children of both my Father and Step Mother have to sign papers in order to sell the trailer. One of the children ( my brother ) refuses to be involved at all.

    What I need are options . We would prefer to sell the mobile home if at all possible.

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    Default Re: What Are Options if a Family Member Refuses to ' Cooperate' in Sale of Family Hom

    Leave it and the landlord will repossess it. Have the executor obtain permission from the court to sell it to a buyer approved by the manager. The inheritor received the right to a portion of the estate, not a portion of the trailer.

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