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    Question Am I Allowed to Create a Website to Review a Company's Products

    Somewhat weird question here.

    I am enrolled in Amazon's affiliate program which gives you a percentage of a sale if you link to Amazon from a website and the customer purchases the product.

    Basically, I would just like to know if it's illegal in any way to create a domain (website) for the sole purpose to review a companies products, for example, Nike, and provide links for the customer to go to amazon and purchase it.

    Would it also be illegal to use that companies name in my website name, such as

    I wouldn't be tarnishing the companies name since it's in my best interest to give the best review possible so that I can make a percentage of the sale through the affiliate program. To be clear, I wouldn't be selling the companies products directly on my site, but linking them out to Amazon to purchase.

    Thanks for any input anyone might have about this.

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    Default Re: Am I Allowed to Create a Website to Review a Company's Products

    If you try to use a company's trademark in your URL or to attract people to your site, you can expect to attract the attention of their legal department.

    As you must know, there are hundreds of thousands of review sites on the Internet.

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