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    Default Can You Get a Deposit Refunded if You Cancel a Construction Contract

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: Pennsylvania

    In march of 2011 a motorist hit my front porch. I contacted a contractor to rebuild. he came out and gave a free estimate. I decided to use this contractor. I was given a one page document that listed the job cost and the break down of money and when it was due. I gave the contractor a $500.00 deposit - (first thing listed) - (x money due when old porch torn down/ X money due when old wood removed/ x money due when new porch build/x money do on completion). Nothing else listed on paper from contractor.
    2 months later my husband was sick and I had to use the money for medical bills. called the contractor and told him putting on hold explained situation and would reschedule when I could save up money. Never was able to and in the interim my husband died. I emailed the contractor 3 times (January 2015) and have called him 2 times (this month) to get deposit back. Not only has he NOT returned my deposit but he has not even acknowledged my email and calls. Any recourse on my part?

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    Default Re: Get My Deposit Back

    Probably not.

    You're the one who breached the contract. Reasons are understandable but don't change that.

    He might have had a right to sue you for any monetary loss he incurred when you didn't go through with the job.

    Ending up in court over this is not a good idea. You could sue him for the $500 and he could counter sue for more than that if he has a mind to.

    Best to let sleeping dogs lie at this point.

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    Default Re: Can You Get a Deposit Refunded if You Cancel a Construction Contract

    What does your written contract say about the deposit and any terms for cancellation?

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