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    Default Does a Utility Easement Give the Servient Estate Rights to Use the Utility

    My question involves an easement in the state of: Missouri

    An AT&T fiber optics line runs across my rural property but Uverse internet service is not available at my address, or to those on my street. Uverse internet is available for homes on the state highway at the end of my street. Since AT&T uses my property for their main line, are they obligated to provide my home with internet service? I've called Uverse sales and they can only tell me the service isn't available at my address.

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    Default Re: Internet Service Obligation Associated with Fiber Optics Easement

    They are not obligated to provide your home with service just because they have an easement across your property. There is lots of infrastructure that is necessary to provide individual service opposed to a trunk line running across the property.

    Utilities like AT&T provide that infrastructure when it is cost-effective for them to do so. They need a certain customer base before they spend the money.

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