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    Default Can I Sue My Lawyer For His Handling of My Divorce Case

    My question involves a marriage in the state of: Florida

    My first attorney charged me $14K for nothing but an MSA and Final Decree. During the Mediation for settlement, my ex manipulated the proceedings so badly with lies, forged documents, and other things that made me very emotional. All my attorney did was tell me that I'm wasting time, that this mediation was costing me $400 an hour so get it together. My current attorney says that my MSA is incredibly vague and not a good Agreement at all. She also said that my old attorney should have stopped the Mediation. I am still having Hearings, almost a year later, to enforce parts of the MSA. Can I do anything to my old attorney?

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    Default Re: Can I Sue First Divorce Attorney

    Yes, you can sue your former attorney.

    Anybody can sue anybody for anything.

    Was that really the question you wanted to ask?

    Quote Quoting LJBerg
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    Can I do anything to my old attorney?
    You can do any number of things to your old attorney.

    But I don't think that's the question wanted to ask, either.

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    Default Re: Can I Sue First Divorce Attorney

    You can complain to your state bar association and if he has violated any ethical duty they will discipline him. You can sue him for malpractice and if he has not exercised the required level of care required then you might recover damages.

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