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    Default How to Get an Arrest Record

    About 4 or 5 years ago I was arrested, but the case ended up being dismissed. Now I am applying for a law enforcement job and they want to know what happened and when it happened even if the case was dismissed. Problem is I don't remember myself all the details.
    Is there some way I can obtain a copy of the records from my case? I was never convicted of any crime so I don't think that they can deny me employment based simply on that.

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    Default Arrest Record

    You can obtain a copy of your court file from the court. They should be able to look the case up by name, if you can't otherwise locate the case number. You can probably also obtain a copy of the police report from the police agency which investigated the incident, by submitting a FOIA request. Many police agencies even have forms they can provide at the station. (There are a few states that are reluctant to release police reports, but you would typically still be eligible to obtain a copy as the target of the investigation.) If you used a lawyer, your lawyer may also have a copy of a file from the case, perhaps with a copy of the police report..

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