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    To above comment...

    Very true.

    I had a friend who had cancer. Hospice. Coma, seizures. The next night she woke her hub up and was talking coherently. She lived atleast another year, did more traveling even.....

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    What has the doctor told you about her prognosis? Liver disease can cause a type of encephalopathy (hepatic encephalopathy) which has symptoms that may wax and wane, depending on how much detoxifying goes on at the hospital.

    As for hospice, if your mother is disabled and on Medicare, hospice is covered 100% for her diagnosis and medications related to her comfort. If she needs a special bed, hospice provides it. Her medications related to her diagnosis will be covered.

    Hospice is not a place to die. Hospice provides comfort and relief of pain and suffering in terminally ill patients. Her doctor must certify that she has six months or left to live if the disease were to proceed on its normal course.

    As others have said, you can get POA papers under the whatever laws Alabama uses to define a guardian. It is well worth your time to discuss your situation with an elder law attorney.

    I too lost my mother when she was 55. I understand your feelings and shock. It was too early for me to lose my mother. My sympathy for what you are going through now.

    ^^^ THIS.

    During the active inflammatory phase of the hepatitis I was at times living on a different planet which, due to the generous influx of Lactulose, didn't actually kill me.

    (And there is no fun with Lactulose. No. There. Isn't)

    Mom is going to need sensitive and respectful aid because dying from liver failure is one of the less dignified ways to go. In some patients this is more or less a non-issue because they'll slip into a hepatic coma before actually dying. But some patients keep their mental faculties at least to some degree right until the very end and this is where helping the patient keep their dignity goes a long, long way.

    I find the doctor's response (in the original post) to be absolutely APPALLING. I don't care if you can't rub two coins together - you never, ever treat the patient or their family as if they're not worthy enough unless they're paying.

    They do have an obligation to discharge the patient ONLY when there is a plan in place.

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    Medicaid has a 5 year look back period for assets. I'm a Medicaid county case worker. It's a slow application process, even in the best of circumstances, unfortunately. Around 30 days minimum from application to approval.

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    Unfortunately, the quality of medical care you receive depends on how good your insurance is. If you don't have good insurance, you aren't going to get quality care. Unless the hospital is involved in some type of trials and needs the patient to be involved in them.

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    You have my condolences. In the past 4 years, we have lost my father, my uncle, my MIL and my wife's Grandfather. Being disabled myself I have made it a priority to make sure their desires were carried out and spent as much time as possible with them, comforting them until the end and overseeing to various degrees their treatment.

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