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    Exclamation Teacher Aid with Vindictive Student

    I am a teacher's aid in Michigan. There is a student that I know from previous places in life. The student and I don't get along and stated in October to other students that they were going to get me fired along with how they were going to do it. Nothing happened, so I just told my supervisors that I don't expect anything but that they didn't like me.

    3 months later, I'm up for a promotion, and they have gone to the school and written a formal complaint against me saying I let students cheat on tests and basically anything that's a no-no at school. They have also been running a muck spreading lies about me at my place of employment. They are saying I have mental disorders that aren't medicated, calling me names, and other stuff. Keep in mind this we are both adults. They also have a prior history of trying to get people kicked out of school using lies, so the school doesn't really believe them. They have to investigate anyways.

    The school doesn't like getting involved in things, so I can't really count on them to bat for me. If they get really bold, they can have me and my license investigated. I'm just worried about the student trying to ruin my career like they did their ex-husbands and other students with their lies. Is there anything I can do to protect myself from a vindictive student?

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    There's no great answer for you. Teachers have to deal with false accusations at times, and have to deal with the fact that schools will investigate allegations even if they suspect them to be false.

    Before taking legal action, you should investigate your school district's policies for litigation between staff/faculty and students. You would also need to consider the cost of litigation, the fact that some of the reports may be shielded from a lawsuit based upon the manner in which they were reported, negative publicity that can result from litigation (which, in the Internet age, may be showing up in association with your name for years to come), and the odds of actually being able to recover money from the student.

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