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    Default Inadequate Follow-Up Care From a Neurologist

    When I was 8 years old, I broke my neck falling off a swing backwards. I had an awful time before anything got done about it. First the elementary school nurse accused me of faking it and tried to turn my head, then the x-ray tech at the hospital emergency room did the exact same thing, and the emergency room doctor put my neck brace on upside down and backward before sending me to Doenbechers Children's Hospital. I eventually had to wear a halo for a while since two of my vertebra were almost twisted completely around. I started to get migraines as a teenager and seemed to get worse the older I got. I was put on all different kinds of medications without any doctors trying to figure out what was causing these awful headaches. I started to get pressure in my head in which my temples were always swollen and also accompanied by some of the worst migraines I have had. Kaiser Permanente neurologists started me on some medications but after a few years I had to change insurance and change doctors. On December 19, 2014 I saw a new neurologist at a local hospital. She had me stop two of my medications and increased my migraine medication from 20 mg to 40 mg. On Christmas Eve, I started having vision problems which included double vision, my left eye was going cross eyed, and my right eye everything I looked at was wavy. My eyes were so bad it hurt to have them opened and I thought I was going to go blind. I called the new neurologists office on December 29, 2014 to let them know what was happening to me and the doctor was out on vacation but there was another neurologist taking to her patients. I talked to n nurse and told her what I was experiencing and she said she would talk to the doctor in the office and call me back. I never got a call back from her and if I had waited I would have been blind. I ended up making a appointment at my primary care provider and saw a nurse practitioner who was quite worried about my eyes, so she put in an urgent notice to see an eye doctor. On December 30, 2014 I saw an opthamologist who examined my eyes and said that my optic nerves were extremely swollen which is usually caused by extreme intracraniel pressure. He scheduled an MRI with and without contrast and told the neurologist I needed a spinal tap immediately, followed by medications to keep the pressure down. I finally had a spinal tap a week later. The normal intracraniel pressure is suppose to be between 20 and 25 and mine was all the way up to 37, so the doctor that performed the spinal tap had to remove 15 ml of cerebral spinal fluid since I had too much which was causing the pressure to be really high. Well, I never heard from the neurologist after my spinal tap and I eventually had to call them which was almost a week later and find out what the neurologist was going to do about this problem I'm having. I finally got a hold of her nurse, after calling the second time that day, and finally got an appointment to see the doctor. On January 16, 2015 I finally got in to see the neurologist. The appointment only lasted about 15 minutes and all she did was put me on a low carb diet and give me some medication that is suppose to prevent the build up of cerebral spinal fluid. After I started taking the new medication I noticed my figures and the bottoms of my feet would tingle, sometime to the point to where they would ache. I called the neurologists office and explained my symptoms to the nurse who told me it was a common side effect but she would let the doctor know I was having this problem and then call me back. I still haven't heard back from her and I'm not really surprised. My eyes have not recovered and I think there was damage done to them since I can't see as good as I use too. I also think that the new neurologist doing medication changes on me caused the intracraniel pressure to increase to really high levels. I never can get any help or answers from that office, no matter how many times I call them. I still don't feel good and I also feel like I still have pressure in my head, and I was not put on the anti-pressure medications soon enough after my spinal tap.

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    Default Re: Issues with the Neurologist

    Take your medical records to a local med-mal attorney. That's all you can do at this point.

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    Default Re: Issues with the Neurologist

    Your neurologist was on vacation. The replacement had no direct treatment history with you. You should have gone to emergency or the ophthalmologist as you did. I do not see any liability for the Kaiser neurologist as they were on vacation. Unfortunately, the likely result from the med mal attorney will be that medicine is a practice and no provider without seeing you will stick their neck out on a phone treatment, they will advise you to go to emergency.

    Having seen over 10 different neurologists and still not obtaining any significant results, I can assure you they specialize and your issue was out of their specialization. I'm glad you managed such a timely Ophthalmologists appt. That said, any outcomes are likely conjecture. You should read the outcomes possible for each script you take, before you elect to take it. Unfortunately, when you progress to my condition, the outcomes they warn you about are what I am trying to fix. A medication that causes extreme pain one year, two years later might help neuropathy but change your mental processes. It ends up being a constant balancing act.

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