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    Exclamation Debt Collector is Demanding Payment in Full After a Missed Installment on a Debt

    My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: Wisconsin. I have a medical bill for $7000 that I was repaying at $200 per month with an HSA card. Last month in Dec. there was a problem with the HSA card and the payment was missed. The collection agency called to find out what happened and my wife, who holds the insurance, forgot to call and find out what happened as she is ill, with an undiagnosed autoimmune disease and in and out of doctors offices. We just received a letter from a lawyer saying it is going to court for lawsuit and contacting the credit service and lawyer are getting me nowhere. They say PAYMENT IN FULL or nothing missed a payment going to court. They also hold 3 or 4 for more thousand from other medical bills but are not suing for those yet. I have several thousand with other agencies as well. I want to keep this out of court. My bank account is almost at zero. I will repay the debt but don't want a judgement. Am I looking at bankruptcy as all these mature and credit agencies just start suing? what are my options? 2013 we had $35K insurance would not cover, 2014 $25K insurance would not cover, this year will be likewise.

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    Default Re: Wi Medical Bill Collection Agency Sent 2 Lawyer for Lawsuit Want to Stay Out of C

    If the collections agency is not willing to work with you then there isn't anything you can do. From their Point of view they already gave you a chance, and you blew it by missing a payment. It may very well have been a legitimate mistake, however they likely don't care, as every one they talk to has some kind of story, true or not as to why they missed a payment.

    As to the other debt and bankruptcy, you need to consult with a Bankruptcy attorney who can review your financial standing in full, and help you. Without seeing everything, it would be improper for us to advise you.

    You may want to look around for insurance. I am not an expert on the topic, but with Healthcare reform, I believe you should be able to get a plan that limits your out of pocket expenses to something much lower than 25-35K.

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