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    Default Lender Sold Student Loan to Collections Found Out Loan Not in Default

    My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: NY I have spent all day calling every US education department even US education default resolution dept I signed into my government student loan website checked credit report checked county clerk NO DEFAULTS found. So I have Navient who sold my loan HESC who purchased my loan they are the only ones that can fix but refuse to each tell me other is responsible I have approx 50 days to clear up I need advice where to turn. Tomorrow I will try an obudsman fill out some papers on these companies to US fraud beau I'm at my end this is not right any advice would be appreciated I posted before and was spoken to nicely I'm
    Just looking for advice like e wry one else thank u

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    Default Re: Lender Sold Student Loan to Collections Found Out Loan Not in Default

    Your situation is not at all clear to me. My guess is that when the first student loan company sold the loan to the second one some payments didn't get applied timely to the account or were misapplied. That’s not all that uncommon. Do you have a record of the payments (e.g. copies of canceled checks, transcripts of the loan accounts, etc)? If you do, then you should be able to show the second lender that everything is, in fact, current and cure whatever trouble you are having concerning the loan now.

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