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    I am 60 years old and accused of shoplifting at JC Penneys in Michigan. This was not my intent. I went to exchange and return some items. Which I did first. I had one hour before a job interview. Then I browsed the jewelry dept and found a necklace on sale. I went upstairs to Housewares. My intent was to pay for it upstairs. While I was looking at the pillows a threw the necklace over my head so my hands would be free. I was up stairs a while, the pillows where too exspensive, I checked my cell phone and I was almost late for my interview, I left in a hurry and stupidly forgot the necklace. I was confronted outside and offered to pay for it. I also have a charge there. But I was arrested. My arraignment is next week. How do I plead, do I need a lawyer, will I have to go to jail, will I now have a criminal record?

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    Q: How do I plead, do I need a lawyer, will I have to go to jail, will I now have a criminal record?

    A: You plead not guilty and then you hire a lawyer. I don't know the answers to the other two questions.

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    According the law you committed shoplifting. In simple terms you left sotre with unpaid for merchandise! Your intent mena little here. Example I am on my cell phone and run a red light it was not my intent but I did it! Yes by all means hire an Attorney an dlook into diversions programs that could help you keep a conviction off your record. If it had been another store you might have walked but JCP prosucutes everyone!

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