My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: WA
I have a month to month agreement with a couple, and rent a room. They claimed to be the owners of the home. (still up in the air)

On 12.29.14, the police (improperly) removed me, giving me 10 minutes to gather things and get out...the "husband" (also a lie) had filed a restraining order on me! Crying and in utter shock and disbelief, I hurriedly got my dog and some clothes, with the help of a friend, who happened to be there at the time. The "husband" was told by the officer no one is to enter my room and verified my lock.
The order was not a restraining order, but said DOMESTIC VIOLENCE! Horrific allegations! Yes, all lies. The husband,(claims illiteracy, records all messages, rather than texts) sent several recordings..."I got you out of my house, NEENER< NEENER<NEENER<NEENER<NEENER" and "Yep, you lost all your stuff. So, don't bother coming back, not even with an Officer, cause I'm not letting you back in, so you're BURNT< Bitc*"

I found out the order was NOT an actual order, but a HEARING for one. I immediately called the Police to get back inside. I LEFT MY DAUGHTER'S ASHES!!!!! No help. More calls to police, regarding harassment and libel from he and his wife. NO HELP.

He showed for the hearing, not in fear of his life, but that now I'm a drug user, (he's in a program) he "cleared out the room, as instructed by the police, 'cause he has a right to rent it out", and my stuff will be destroyed." The judge advised against doing so.

I went yesterday. Tried with Police assistance, they were too busy. I was advised no order, I still live there. Lots of commotion, they called the cops. They, of course, lied. My room has been re rented.

I got some of my stuff out of the garbage, though they told the police my stuff was taken to the dump. I pointed out many of my things they were using. ie, dvd player, plants on display, pictures on the wall, spice racks...Looking for the decorative box holding my daughter's remains.
In the last 5 minutes, I looked in a storage cubby at the top of the stairs. Behind parts of an artificial Christmas tree, my friend pulled out the box! She opened it in front of the Officer and me.
The trinket boxes which formerly surrounded the box were now inside, many were broken.
Her wrought iron 'Angel wings' were mounted upside down on the wall. I found my Bible in a trash bag with cigarette butts. (I don't smoke)

I know it's against the law to remove/destroy remains.

I can't tell you the pain of all these people have put me through.

What can I do?
I want them held accountable!

Please help me.
I'm disabled and can't afford an attorney.

I have called legal aid and no one has returned my calls.

Thank you.