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    Default Shoplifter Banned from Store

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Indiana/ Any state

    So I know that you can be banned from an "entire" store chain. But how is it exactly that they do this? Do they pass along your picture and name to EVERY store chain in the country? Seems highly unlikely, unless there's facial recognition software being used. Also if you're banned from physically entering a store, does that mean you will NOT be allowed to shop online for that store? Just really curious is all.

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    Default Re: Banned from Store

    The method of the ban will vary by company. Some will pass along your image and info to other stores, others will not. If you make a purchase or get caught inside the store and they check your name in their internal system and find you have been admonished from entering the store, you could find yourself being arrested for trespassing in addition to any other offenses you might be facing.

    While it is unlikely that you will be identified on sight in a store away from the one where you were caught, you are still committing a crime if you have been informed not to enter any of their stores. Many stores allow you to appeal this ban after a time, and you may be permitted back provided you have not committed any other offense and paid whatever civil restitution might have been sought after your original stop/detention/arrest.

    And I doubt that the ban effects online shopping as the ban has to do with physical entry to the store. You cannot be trespassing if shopping online. Plus, they're safe from your plundering and pillaging the shelves if you buy something online.
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    Default Re: Banned from Store

    Some stores have Facial Recognition software.

    Many also have "traveling security" - in other words, the LP people may work in a wide radius of stores, so shoplifters don't get overly comfortable at knowing who is plainclothes LP.

    To appeal a ban, write the stores Corporate Office and address it to the Loss Prevention dept. If approved to shop there again, they will send you a letter stating so.

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    Default Re: Banned from Store

    The worst thing you want to do is attract the attention at LP in any store in the chain now. They decide to stop you and you're now in an unambiguous criminal trespass.

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