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    My son and his girlfriend were renting a house from a friends aunt. They had lived there for 3 years. The the air conditioner went out in July. The lady was going through a divorce and the kids knew she had it hard so they didn't complain about the air conditioner. No big deal, we just bought a window air conditioner but the lady knew she was going to have to have the furnace fixed before winter. The compressor had burnt out.
    They did have someone come look at it but he couldn't fix it. It was going to cost her like $800 or more for a new one. We had a cold snap in Sept.. The kids ended up having to live with me for over month. They finally called the lady and told her that they were going to move because they couldn't live in that house and they were having to help me with the extra bills. They paid one more months rent to give them time to move.
    The lady started calling and harrasing them on their cell phones and so my sons girlfriend told her that they were NOT paying the electric or water bill because the lady would go down and turn the water on to keep it from freezing (which I dont' blame her). The night that we finished moving, I video taped the whole house, them giving her the key and her doing a walk through and telling the kids it looked good.
    Now, she is calling AGAIN and demanding that they pay the bills (all in her ex-husbands name). I was told that they (the kids) could make her give them back the money for rent from them time the unit went out if she pushed this. They don't want to do this because of the friendship with the niece and her having such a hard time. Any advice?

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    Default Re: Renters rights

    I see two choices: Ignore her and see what she does, or sue her.

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