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    Angry How to Verify What Property Was Seized by the Police Acting on a Warrant

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Texas
    My ex stole all my stuff, and left it at his sister's house, prior to being arrested. She returned everything to me except my PC, which of course she played stupid and he convinced me it was never to be seen again. Months later, he told me the cops seized all her electronics, one of them being my PC.

    He's been stringing me along for a year now, promising to bring it to me soon, but to no avail. We live 300 miles apart, a six hour drive, but his dad still lives in my town, so I've given him the benefit of the doubt, I know... I"M A SUCKER!

    For the moment, I just want to know one way or another, if in fact it was on the list of seized property from her house, because it wouldn't surprise me if it was. At the time he said such, he was trying to be nice, because I too received identical charges as the sister. He refused their plea deal. I gave him a final request to meet me half way by Monday and he's ignored it.

    The police report I filed for domestic assault was in Feb 2012 and he subsequently spent 13 months in county jail. At which time, Nov 2013, the court supposedly returned all property to both of them. Is it too late for me to seek vindication?

    There are recorded calls from jail about him reimbursing me $5K for it, as well I have receipts from purchase in storage if I need them. I just avoid cops if I can after the marvelous ride they too, forced me to ride. Now, what to do for closure?

    Can I simply call maybe the county clerk and ask? or do I have to go in person? Or, perhaps call his local police dept and cause him some well deserved grief? I know both Cause #'s for the charges the sister received, if that helps??? What would you do if you were me? (bearing in mind, I'm much angrier right now, than I am letting on)

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    Default Re: How Can I Know for Sure if My PC Was Seized at My Ex-In-Laws Home

    A used PC is generally not worth much.

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    Default Re: How Can I Know for Sure if My PC Was Seized at My Ex-In-Laws Home

    If the police seized your PC there should be a record of it in the police report or with the property department at the police department. You can call them and ask if a computer was seized from the location, and, if they have it, how you can get it back.

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