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    Default Crazy clients in Massachusetts

    I am in the middle of a client builder dispute. The client threw my company off the job. She then told a local building official that she fired my company. After these outbursts, my company left the job. They have now left me messages on my phones threatening me that if I don't return to the job and finish, that they would take my house, call the IRS, take my builders license, sue me, and make my life a disaster for the next two years. Can they make statements like that? I thought that was considered a threat of duress?
    Also, can a contract be breached if the items that originally made up the contract do not exist any more because of change orders. And if the completion date for the items has passed, but the items that were to be substantially completed are not there anymore is the completion date valid?
    thank you

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    You cannot just quit, that is a breach of contract. They can make statements like that and they can follow through. If you are asking these questions you desperately need legal advice. Contact your state's homebuilder's association and see if a local attorney is a member.

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