My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of California.
Hi you guys!
I gave my landlords my 30 day notice on December 1st with my cell number included and asked that they call me to schedule a time that is most convenient for them to do the final walk through with me on the 31st...did not hear anything from them. I cancelled my utilities today for the 30th and LADWP said they would come between 10am - 6pm and I don't have to be here, but they would have to have entrance into the gate. So, I called my landlord for one; I hadn't heard anything from them about the walk through and returning of the keys and I am moving on Monday instead of the 31st because they said I had to be out on the 30th or they would charge me another months rent, even though this month have 31 days; and 2, to ask them to ask my neighbor to not lock the gate so that LADWP could get in to turn off my services. The tenant before me couldn't pay his rent and left his stove and refrigerator in return for not paying his rent, so I didn't have to purchase a stove and refrigerator when I moved in. The landlord told me that he is not going to do a walk through with me and that I have to just leave the keys in the box because that is what his other tenants do and I can't tell him how to run his business. He was so busy going off on me I couldn't really understand everything he was saying, but he said something about having up to 15 days to do the walk through and he don't make appointments to do walk throughs. I said that's fine and asked if he could call me when he do the walk through so I can be there? He said no that he can't do a walk through in an hour or two and I was like fine if it takes 4 hours or how ever long it takes you to do it that's okay too. He still said no because he needs a couple of days to check everything. I don't understand this; and I am not saying that it don't, but I have never had a walk through to take days or have ever had a landlord to just flat out refuse to do a final walk through with me. My question is can he do this because what if he removes the refrigerator and stove and say I did it just to keep my deposit of $1200 or say something is damaged and it isn't. The only thing that I am not returning in the condition it was in when I moved in is the carpet and I am expecting a deduction for that because he said no to releasing me from cleaning the carper; as someone had suggested asking him, because they are installing hard wood floors. I am feeling that he does not want to return my deposit and is doing this in order to make it there anything I can do to prevent this from happening?