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    Unhappy Can Your Landlord Charge for Carpet Cleaning if He's Planning to Remove the Carpet

    My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of California. I am moving out and my landlords have replaced the carpets in the other units with hardwood floors and are planning to do mine after I vacate the unit. I have lived here for over 7 years and the carpet needs to be cleaned, but I am not doing it because they are planning to replace the carpet with the hardwood floors, so my question is...can my landlords deduct carpet cleaning or replacement fees from my deposit even though they are planning to install hardwood floors after I am gone?
    Thanks in advance for all advice given.

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    Let's put it this way:

    You need to return the place to the landlord in as good a condition as it was when you got it except for normal wear and tear.

    Doesn't matter what the landlord might be planning to do.

    So, yes, the landlord CAN deduct carpet cleaning or carpet replacement (if damaged).

    Then the burden would be on you to sue him in small claims court and prove that he deducted it wrongly. How would you prove that? Think about it.

    I suggest you clean the carpet unless you get it in writing from the landlord that he waives cleaning the carpet if he's going to replace it anyway.

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    Thanks a million Adjusterjack...I'll ask the landlords; but I don't think I am going to get the answer I want to hear and I am not willing to spend money to clean a carpet that is going to be ripped out anyway upon my leaving, but now I know it's going to be fair deduction and I won't trip over it. Thanks again for educating me, I was unsure...Bye!

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