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    Default How Do I Get a Marijuana Charge Expunged so I Can Enlist in the Military

    I live in CT and i got a marijuana charge at the age of 20, im 22 now and wish to join the marines. My only problem is the possesion charge. I was only givin a ticket and my license was suspended. Is there any way for me to get this charge removed? Please help.

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    Default Re: How Do I Get a Marijuana Charge Expunged

    You don't qualify. You have to wait three years from the end of your case (and any probation) until you can apply for the expungement pardon. Information here:

    Expungement also isn't going to help. You are required to report any convictions even if they were expunged (and even if they were juvenile) on your application to join. You are going to need a waiver which is going to require a drug abuse screening. You should discuss this frankly with your recruiter and make sure all is disclosed. If you get in and you are found to have failed to disclose your history, it will be very severe for you.

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