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    Default Inadequate Treatment of Undescended Testes

    My question involves medical malpractice in the state of:

    First of. I would like to thank in advance for any Info or advise given..

    I was found to have undecended testicles as a young boy..age 4&6 where this was recorded in gps notes..

    Testicles were palpel and as we understand now had an operation been done at the time this would have given my wife and I the best chance of conceiving our own biological kid.

    My parents were told to leave well alone and this would correct itself as I got older..

    I grew up knowing no different until my wife and I started trying to have kids..

    When this wasn't working for us we attended clinc to find out why and we we're informed I was infertile..

    I was then told I was at greater risk of cancer and should def go and get scans to insure everything was ok there..

    We have gone through countless ivf and even tried Donner sperm to try and achieve or we family...

    Unfortunately my wife gave birth to our baby boy a year ago a couple of weeks too soon...this had been very hard on us both..

    We both feel that I have not been giving my fair chance as this operation to correct my palple testicles was not given to my as a young boy and was never even referred to a specialist..

    We were never made aware of this serious problem or never brought back for follow up appointments..

    Could someone please adviser on this..

    We would both appreciate it..


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    Default Re: Pregnancy Despite Father's Diagnosis of Infertility

    You chose not to identify your state. Laws are different in each state.

    If you are talking about a "wrongful life" cause of action, you probably don't have one, but you as the elements of such a claim vary so significantly between states it's not something we can tell you. Given that you were actively trying to have a child, such a claim would seem dubious at best.

    If you're talking about trying to sue your pediatrician, decades after-the-fact, odds are you're way past the statute of limitations.

    Consult a lawyer in your state.

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    Default Re: Pregnancy Despite Father's Diagnosis of Infertility

    Hi there..I appreciate your speedy reply..
    I'm actually messaging from the uk..
    I never realised this was a US forum..
    Any advise help would be appreciated.thanks.

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    Default Re: Pregnancy Despite Father's Diagnosis of Infertility

    You'll need to ask your questions in a UK forum. We only do US questions.
    Don't make me quote Monty Python at you.

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