My question involves criminal law for the state of: Texas

About two weeks ago my manager told me that two detectives looking for me in regards to fraud stemming from my place of employment. Long story short I had written down checking account numbers and routing numbers from checks customers used to pay with since we keep them instead of giving them back They came to my job first but I wasn't working that day and then they came to my house but I was out running errands during that time. I had set up a day and time to meet with the detectives to confess and cooperate with them. Unfortunately I ran an hour late meeting with them and they told my manager that I didn't show up on time. After I explained what I did and why I did it they told me about the trial procedures and what I needed to do during the process. Soon after I had gone to work but my I had to give my key to the manager because of the detectives telling her I didn't show up to meet with them on time. I'm not sure if the detectives would be able to tell my manager what happened unless she asked but am I most likely going to be terminated from where I work or would I still be able to go there even throughout my pretrial and everything else?