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    Default Re: Suing the State for Shutting Down a Business

    I'm sorry its confusing. But I did mention it. I was talking about the one store that was in my wife's name that we ran. We had my fathers machines in there, but they had nothing to do with the business other than supplying games. They charged me with the felonies at their other locations because they actually had cash payout evidence, dates, times and pictures, even though we had nothing to do with them making the choice to pay out cash. What I am referencing above is the store that was in my wife's name.

    Even so, they charged us with commercial gambling at that location and conspiracy to commercial gamble.

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    Default Re: Suing the State for Shutting Down a Business

    It would appear that they believe you and your co-defendants were orchestrating the entire operation, at best telling your clients how to skirt the rules and mistakenly instructing them to commit illegal acts, or at worst encouraging them to drum up business and increase profits by engaging in illegal acts. Those are, of course, matters you should be discussing with your lawyer.

    You still haven't explained the "jackpots". I expect the GBI is also skeptical of the idea that winners preferred to thumb through catalogs for their trinkets, and would wait for delivery then come back later to pick them up. The reason that arcades have the prize counter stocked and ready is because gambling is driven in large part by impulse and instant gratification.

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    You misunderstand me, we keep a certain amount of merchandise items to give, we had regular players and when our inventory was getting low we would ask them for ideas on stuff they wanted from us when they won. That's when they would help us decide what to order, so they could have something there people would actually want when they won instead of crap no one uses. That is the only reason we were able to do business. No one ever had to wait on getting merchandise, as that would be illegal. As far as jackpots, we would give the same amount in items or gold.

    As far as the other stores done, yes they alleged we coached them. Which is highly doubtful, but I cannot account for other peoples actions. We hired an accountant to go explain the rules to them, she will testify for us. One of the store owners had actually gotten caught years back for paying out cash so he should have known anyway. They obviously caught them paying out cash, but instead of convicting them they left them go as long as they answered the questions the 'right way' As I mentioned earlier the one store owner that told the truth they arrested his wife. Others got 0 charges.

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