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    Default Accepting Packages with Drugs

    My question involves police conduct in the State of: WYOMING
    How is it legal for police to act on a search warrant for leaving two packages on the steps of your home and when they are picked up and taken in by anybody, they raid the house. Shouldn't the defendant have to sign in order to actually accept the packages. What else would anybody do if two packages are laying on the steps at Christmas time? Or what if it wasn't even the defendant who picked them up but a child or someone who took them in the house. The warrant stated no matter who took the packages in the search warrant was to be executed. What if the defendant wasn't even there at the time. I feel in order to pose acceptance of these packages in a sting operation, the defendant must sign to receive the packages.

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    Default Re: Accepting Packages with Drugs

    That depends on the circumstances surrounding the packages arrival. I suspect these packages were intercepted during common carrier shipment. I am sure the odds a total stranger would just decide you were awesomely beautiful and drop off packages of unknown content is unlikely. Had the latter occurred a call to the police bomb squad would be in order. Further, I am sure the police do not randomly put packages of drugs on peoples porches to make false arrests.

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    Default Re: Accepting Packages with Drugs

    Quote Quoting Gina M Grimm
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    I feel in order to pose acceptance of these packages in a sting operation, the defendant must sign to receive the packages.
    You're probably wrong there. You don't have to sign for a package to accept and be in possession of the package.

    Seems like somebody better hire a criminal lawyer real fast.

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    Default Re: Accepting Packages with Drugs

    It is not unheard of for packages containing illegal contents to be shipped to an unsuspecting person's house with the true receiver getting it before the home owner. Sometimes the home owner beats them to it though.

    It does not sound like that is the case here though.

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