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    Default Am on the Mortage but not the Deed?!?

    About to enter Mediation and in the process of gaining paperwork copies of the mortgage and warranty deed from Public Records, it appears I'm the primary borrower on the Mortage yet the Property Appraisers office only shows my wifes name as the owner of the house????

    Lets assume the worst case for the moment and that, for whatever reason, I may not be listed on the deed. What is the impact of this?

    IF this is the case, will my mortgage payments and a copy of the recorded mortgage be sufficient to establish that I really do own the house I keep paying for???

    Thank you for ANY help!!


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    Default Wife is Only Owner

    How a house that is in the name of only one spouse would be divided depends upon such factors as how the house was acquired, the duration of the marriage, and the state at issue. If the parties were married a long time, put a lot of money into the mortgage, repairs and improvements, sometimes the marital home will be held to have "merged" into the marital estate. If the house was purchased with marital assets, even if for some reason only one spouse is named, courts would typically view it as a marital asset.

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    Phewwwww...... Thanks!!

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