My question involves insurance law for the state of: Texas

First Party Claim, Late model vehicle, 12'

Probable ACV: 100%
Loss Occurs: Avg of 47.5% in repairs. Fixed at recommended repair facility. Deductible paid
Repairs include LKQ motor, body work, and suspension repair, no frame repair
1 yr 9 months pass
Premature balding on FWD vehicle invokes new front tires and alignment purchase. Different brands of tires on rear and front sets respectively.
Tire facility notices possible frame damage, the car also pulls very abruptly right upon acceleration and manual shifting even after tires and alignment.
Confirmed by Insurance Co. as related and overlooked damage by different but also recommended repair facility. Submitted invoices for tires and alignment for mitigated reimbursement. Obtained never before used rental coverage.
Repairs for overlooked damage approx 12%, Repairs include 4 hrs of frame pulling, 2 control arms, and a rim.
Upon pickup of twice repaired vehicle, the rep states "its still got a pull, and it pulls the other way, but its from your tires being different."
Vehicle now pulls left same as before but in the opposite direction - left.
Scheduled an appt tomorrow at sister store of the prior Tire facility to request inspection of tires and statement regarding possible cause of now left pulling vehicle. Considering frame expert non recommended facility for inspection and probable supplement.

I think they bent the frame too far, and now its ruined.

Insurance Companies determination of total loss is: Salvage value + repairs meets or exceeds ACV

Are these total amount of repairs considered repair costs even if its been repaired?

I believe this vehicle should have been totaled upon 1st and 2nd inspection; I fear the Insurance Co will continue to make small repairs upon my assumed notice of anymore subsequent missed repairs, especially having now thrown a possible 62% of funds into it.
I believe this is a bad faith claim due to improper investigation
I don't believe there's any diminished value for first party claims in this state
I do believe I'm owed an interest for Prompt Payment of claim, overlooked damages is way outside of the 15 business days requirement for timeline 2.

I dont want this car, its had a new motor and 4 hours of frame damage, and then some.
Its deinatley not worth what I owe, which is appropriate for its year and ACV

It wont be a good trade in value, no private buyer would pay near what I owe.

Im at a loss here