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    Unhappy Registration Suspended Due to Lapse of Insurance, but Insurance Never Lapsed

    My question involves vehicle registration or title in the state of: Pennsylvania

    In July, I was under contract to purchase a house and found that my best quote for homeowner's insurance was from State Farm, as long as I also switched my auto insurance from Nationwide to them. I filled out all the forms and paid State Farm under the expectation that the purchase would close, but unfortunately the deal fell through due to inability to come to terms on issues found in inspection. Therefore, I had no need to switch my auto insurance to State Farm. At no time did I cancel my pre-existing auto insurance with Nationwide.

    However, after I notified my State Farm contact that unfortunately the deal had fallen through, he sent a notification of policy cancellation to Pennsylvania DOT. I did receive a request for proof of insurance from PennDOT in early September, but then my pregnant wife gave birth to our first child in mid September, and in the excitement / lack of sleep since then, I accidentally neglected to reply.

    Today I've received a final notice that in 30 days, my registration will be suspended for 3 months, but that I have a right to appeal during those 30 days. What are my chances of winning and avoiding the 3-month registration suspension, given that I can prove that my insurance never actually lapsed? And what exactly is my first step -- to call PennDOT? To call my county Court of Common Pleas?

    Thanks for your help!

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    Default Re: Registration Suspended Due to Lapse of Insurance, but Insurance Never Lapsed

    You need to file with your local court of common pleas. Be timely, here is a case where the state fought it because the filing was a day late.

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    Default Re: Registration Suspended Due to Lapse of Insurance, but Insurance Never Lapsed

    I have basically the same situation, changed car insurance from geico to state farm because i got a good quote online, PENNDOT did send a letter indicating that my geico insurance was cancelled and need to provide new proof of insurance, My state farm insurance is for 3mos from 7/29-9/28, but by september state farm called me that they cant continue their insurance with me unless they could find a "good rate" for me, they gave me a quote almost double of what i got quoted originally online and so i decided to switch to a new affordable insurance company, and I think I just recently mailed back the letter from penndot containing my insurance info with state farm. Got progressive insurance 9/28 same day when the State Farm insurance ends. To my mind Penndot will mail another letter asking me to send new insurance info beacause the State farm insurance ended but to my dismay I got a letter of final order of suspension. Thats my only car to work and take the kids to school, what should I do? never went to court all my life, I guess i need a lawyer for the Court of Common Pleas? can i still drive other vehicles? could i reregister my car to my wife's name so she could use it? please help thank you

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