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    Default Property division in divorce

    hi.. ihope somebody could help me out with a few questions i have about my ongoing divorce process...

    the senerio is this...

    we have a house together that i built with the help of some of my friends.... she is living in it with my daughter and pays the loan right now.
    the way i see it is this... she has 2 options...

    1. buy me out ( by refinancing )
    2. sell the house

    she wants to sell the house but she wants me to pay her 30k out of my share of the equity for debts that was financed into the loan after the house was built.
    basically TOGETHER we paid of my truck($5000)
    put 5000 down with my truck on a new car...
    paid of her honda (12000)
    5000 in credit cards...

    anyways she is saying that these debts i need to be responsible for...

    but the way i see it is that those were the decisions and debt we accurred together so we shared them back then and we share them now... of course there is NO debts now because it was financed into the house...

    is it possible for a judge to actually award her this nonsense if we go thru the courts??? (in PA)

    one more thing to add... how do you think the judge will decide on a split of the property after knowing that i built the house with my own hands while she didn't work at all going to nursing school... i did not pay for her school cuz it was done thru school loans but i did however have the only income for 2 yrs while she was in school...

    sorry for the long post.... its my first one

    chris in philly

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    Default Re: Property division in divorce

    In some cases a judge will apportion debt depending upon the origins of the debt and the age of the marriage. Do you have a lawyer yet?

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